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anon requestet fluffly cute eremin ; v ;

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Washington DC cherry blossoms by Bill Holmes

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Jehan Prouvaire is probably closer to pure fairy blood than they actually know. They have a dark side a mile wide and catch them on the dance floor and you will be trapped until they let you leave. Jehan’s skin leans more towards green or blue than is natural and their eyes are also green but this can be passed off as natural. Word play is essential to the poet because even though they are only about a fourth fairy they have trouble lying so avoid it in favor of half truths and silence. Jehan struggles to live in the city as iron is a poison to them and in order to enter any building they must be given express permission or they will get nauseous. Their only real defence is a charm speak and sharp animal like teeth. The largest fae community in France is the Underground. Magical creatures have long since not been allowed to gather in large numbers and the fairy courts of old have died out. Now, the fae community has built up a new culture and a new form of court, a club hidden from most mortals by fairy glamor. The music has traces of the ancient addictive melodies of the fairy folk but now it is mixed with modern beats and the club is open to almost anyone that is not fully human. Its Jehan’s territory.


The Backstory | Enjolras | Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Jehan | Grantaire

To read/see more about this universe track the Moonlight Beneath tag or follow the artist Juliette and the creator Marie

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Grantaire | The worst part about being a werewolf is how easy it is to spot. Every decent employer in the city is required to report it if an employee misses work on the full moon more than once. Grantaire moved to the city for that reason, more people meant it was less likely he would be noticed. Of course that meant he had more a chance of hurting someone, an idea that kept him withdrawn and weary of mixing with anyone, even the Underground community. He manages to get by on odd jobs and finding work just on the darker side of legal. Grantaire has only basic schooling and his knowledge of magic is flimsy at best when he gets to the city. There are not many werewolves and even fewer ones Grantaire feels comfortable around. Most nights he haunts the fairy court, drinking in a corner and watching the other patrons and the weekend parties.


The Backstory | Enjolras | Combeferre | Courfeyrac | Grantaire | Jehan

To read/see more about this universe track the Moonlight Beneath tag or follow the artist Juliette and the creator Marie

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Happy 24th birthday, Emma Watson! (April 15, 1990) ♥ 

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Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness

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